KO and Co.


My name is KO and I was born August 19, 2000. My human parents Tony and Jessy brought me home October 2000 when I was only 11 weeks old. My humans have provided me a much pampered life style. I have even traveled to various US States!!!! Including my breeds originating state…MASSACHUSETS…

In 2007 my humans began TM BASEBALL ACADEMY of which I have played an intricate part. I am the official academy and TM SELECT team mascot!!!! I AM A HUGE BASEBALL FAN!!!! In my younger years I was able to fetch and catch any baseball……I recently became very ill and my human mom Jessy decided that my role as mascot needed to be elevated to that of a CEO thus KO&Co was born!!!!! KO&Co is my NEW dog baseball apparel line. KO&Co was born out of my love for baseball but more importantly their love for me.My baseball apparel line will feature baseball t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, leashes, bowls and MUCH MORE!!!!Be sure to visit my website corner….KO’s K-9 Corner at my human’s website….www.tmbaseballacademy.com often for updates and my latest K9 baseball apparel line.

Check out some of my designs below and don't

Forever a baseball fan….